Your safety is our primary focus...

Here at DrHomeAir we are dedicated to providing both our clients and the general public with the crucial information required to effectively safeguard your home and your family from the effects of radon gas. By utilizing only professional quality testing units and laboratory facilities, our clients are able to obtain accurate and dependable radon monitoring levels from a single test unit. Our test kits and laboratories are approved or certified in every state in the U.S., meeting or exceeding all EPA standards.

Why We Are Your Best Choice

Radon testing is serious business, and we pride ourselves on providing serious solutions. DrHomeAir doesn't believe in hiding additional costs in our products. When you order a radon test you will receive:

An EPA listed activated charcoal radon sampler, shipped directly to your door.

Pre addressed envelope for mailing your sampler in for laboratory analysis.

Fully national and state certified laboratory analysis.

A complete written report describing your home's current radon levels